Welcome to The Celestial Twilight WoW Server website. Here you can find Patch Notes, Server Info, Discord link and much more. We our pleased you spent the time to take a look at our server!

The Owners

Vulcan - Owner
Jarod - Co-Owner
The Nomad - Co-Owner

Hello everyone, my name is Vulcan but you can call me Prawn. I am the owner and the creator of the Celestial Twilight Server. I have been dedicated to real World of Warcraft for about thirteen years. I am skilled with computer programming and have been working with computer software since I was eight years old. I have been working on this server for over a year now. The reason i started Celestial Twilight was because when I was younger I used to play World of Warcraft with my family.

Since I was eight I have been playing World of Warcraft. I am now eighteen; almost nineteen and I still love it just as much as I did back then. Hosting this server is great because all the people and in game players I have met and all the new people I will be introduced too.  So glad I could be apart of the team and host a server for everyone.

Hello everyone, most people call me Nomad but you can call me Ranger! Unlike most, I just got back into world of warcraft I only played a few months of it a few years back. I want to make sure this server is a great place for everyone to enjoy and I want to help whoever I can when they need it. I hope you will enjoy being apart of The Celestial Twilight gaming community.

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